Here you can find lists of plugin equivalents for audio hardware. Although there have been a few pages and lists like this online, none of them seem to be active. My goal is to keep this up-to-date and dynamic.

I am trying to keep the plugin lists as current as possible. Part of that is eliminating plugins from companies that don’t exist anymore or no longer support the software. If they have not kept up with somewhat recent releases of operating systems or their webpages seem “dead”—then I think it is time to move past their products.

I am not guaranteeing that the plugins in the list work on both Windows and Macs, and in every DAW.

Remember, just because a developer says they are emulating something or have an analog-looking GUI it doesn’t mean they are actually modeling anything specific. I do some testing in order to verify that things are at least “in the ballpark.” It is helpful if others chime in on this as well!

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